SMART Goals for the New Year


With less than 24 hours until the New Year I thought I would spend a post going over my favorite and most helpful way to set goals for the New Year!

I personally love to establish goals and I find this to be a vital part of my business and my personal life. When I first started to write goals I would right down a few thoughts I had for the day or the week but many times I wasn’t able to accomplish them. This wasn’t because I wasn’t working hard enough at them, it was that I had made them too unattainable for that time period, or I had made them vague.

When I first learned about SMART goals I was in college and I soon realized that I could not only use this set up for clients but also for myself. So let me break down what a SMART goal is:

How Setting SMART Goals is Beneficial for Your Business | by Sidrah  Khurshid | Medium | Medium
  1. I love this acronym! I find it to be easy to remember and it plays in on the goals 2. This is a great way to break it all down when you are making your goals.

So let’s do an example here for your goals: You are interested in becoming more of an intuitive eater in 2022. Instead of saying, “I want to be an intuitive eater in 2022″ we can use the SMART goal way to set it up so your goal is not so broad. Look at the example below!

S: Specific

I want to form a better relationship with food and my body in order to kick the diets to the curb and re-learn to eat with my natural and intuitive instincts. I will be doing this by buying the Intuitive Eating Workbook and finding a IE coach

M: Measurable

I am going to work on 1 principle every 3-4 weeks from the workbook with really focusing on my actions, with each of these principles. Each time I focus on the action of the principle I will write this down and keep a journal of my success and my struggles.

A: Attainable

With guidance from my IE Coach I will be able to achieve this in a year, remember: Success is not linear!

R: Relevant

Yes! I have been dieting most of my life and I am tired of the cycle and want to heal my relationship with both food and my body as these are important to me and my success as a human being.


My goal is to complete the workbook in 4-6 months and start to engage in actions around these principles in 3-4 month. My goal is to be more intuitive (with checking in with my IE Coach) in 1 year.

From this example do you see the difference from the first statement to the way I broke down the goal into a SMART goal? Even just typing all of that out I feel better equipped and prepared.

This method of goal setting can be so helpful for not just big goals but small goals as well. I encourage you over the next several weeks to establish these goals for the new year and check in on yourself and your progress. Remember as well, not all goals will be met. And that is OKAY! We are not here for perfection, we are here for progress and growth. So please have compassion for yourself.

Progress over Perfection: Lessons Taken from the Rediscover You workshop  with Monica Packer - Balance Health & Healing

Thank you as always for support EBN and this corner of the internet and I wish you all the best New Year!

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