Joyful Movement During Spring 

Spring has sprung which means warmer days, beautiful flowers, and greener grass. This is a great opportunity to work some movement into the day. Specifically, partaking in joyful movement can be beneficial to a person. As a reminder, joyful movement is a type of movement that is never forced but done because a person wants to do it. There are many ways to incorporate joyful movement during spring. Below is a list of ways joyful movement can be incorporated during the spring season:


Spring is the perfect time to take up gardening as a hobby! Not only can you grow your own food, but this hobby also gets you moving. You may have to carry large bags of soil or dig into the ground to plant your crops. Plus, the most growth starts in spring when the sun is starting to shine more and the days are warmer.

Walk Around Neighborhood 

Walking around your neighborhood is a great way to incorporate movement without partaking in something too strenuous. During spring, flowers start to bloom so this is also a great way to snap some beautiful nature pictures. Your family members and pets can even come along for the walk too!

Spring Hikes 

If you want a change of scenery from just your neighborhood walks, you can find a nearby hiking trail or park to explore. Hikes are another great way to see what nature has to offer during this season. There are so many gorgeous flowers that make an appearance, adding pinks, yellows, and purples to nature. 

Spring Cleaning 

Whether it’s cleaning inside your house or outside, spring is the perfect time to reorganize and cleanse your environment. This could be deep cleaning your kitchen by scrubbing down the stove or vacuuming under the fridge. You can also grab a sponge and some soap to clean your car on a sunny day. 

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