Elizabeth Beil

Elizabeth is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Owner of Elizabeth Beil Nutrition. She thrives working with those motivated to making positive changes in life and enjoys meeting new people.

Understanding the Basics of Nutrition

Nutrition can be very confusing. Especially when we involve diet culture into the mix. On a daily basis we receive so much information about the choices we “should or shouldn’t” be making about our nutrition. Learning the basics of nutrition allows us to make better informed choices about our choices and the nourishment we are choosing.

Eating Disorders in Adolescence and Social Media

Research has shown teenagers can spend up to 7.5 hour daily on their phone (not including school work)!! Let’s say your teenage is following healthy, body positive influencers (which you closely monitor), the algorithm is set up in a way that will also potentially show disordered eating or eating disorder behavior, without even flagging it as a disordered behavior.

The Role of a Dietitian in an Eating Disorder

For those who are going through an eating disorder and decide to go through recovery, they require very specific and personalized help with an interdisciplinary team. The team will consist of a medical doctor, therapist, and dietitian. Along with the interdisciplinary team, it should also be noted that family and friends are crucial for positive support.

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