E-Recipe Book

Recipes for Intuitive and Mindful Eating

E-Recipe Book


  • The recipe book comes with 25 recipes plus 10 “power snacks.”
  • These recipes are not to tell you how you should eat, but to help guide you through a more intuitive and mindful approach.
  • When using both qualities together, you can achieve a more gentle form of nutrition and truly nourish your body. 
  • E-Recipe book will be sent to you for download via email


What is Intuitive and Mindful eating? 

The principles of intuitive eating: 

  • Reject the diet mentality
  • Honor your hunger
  • Making peace with food
  • Challenge the food police (food is not good or bad)
  • Respect your fullness
  • Honor your feelings without the use of food
  • Respect your body
  • Honor your health

Mindful eating allows for you to focus on being mindful while you eat: 

  • Give priority to meal times – at least 15 minutes to eat and enjoy your food
  • Avoid distractions such as technology, while eating
  • Sit down for meal time
  • Serve your food on a plate/bowl
  • Take time to really savor and taste your food. 
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