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COVID-19 Precautions 

  • If you live in Ohio, we have started to open up the state, which means I will start to see clients at my downtown Dayton office on May 15th.
  • I will have all clients use the back stairs and we will ensure a proper social distance.
  • If you feel comfortable wearing a mask at our sessions please feel free to do so! Masks will not be provided.

How frequently will I meet with Elizabeth? 

Most clients will be able to meet with Elizabeth 2-3 times for most medical nutrition therapies (i.e meeting for diabetes, disease, ect). If behavior change is required, this could take a few more sessions, it depends on what is necessary to achieve long-term success. 

 Where do you meet with Elizabeth? 

Currently, Elizabeth is seeing clients at an office space in the Oregon District of Dayton. She is also able to meet individuals via Zoom or phone call. 

Where is the best parking in the Oregon District and surrounding areas? 

Use the link here to find the best parking! 

How much does meeting with Elizabeth cost? 

For individual, onetime sessions, the Let’s Get Started package is $110 for a 1-1.5-hour session and includes a follow-up email and a follow-up phone call or Zoom. Additional follow ups packages may be purchased. 

Looking for more accountability? The 1 month or 3 month nutrition coaching package might be what you are looking for. The 1 month includes 4 weeks of personalized nutrition coaching for $325, and the 3 month includes 12 weeks of personalized nutrition coaching for $965. 

Does Elizabeth accept insurance? 

Not currently. But I will write a Superbill which you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. I also accept HSA and FSA and all major credit cards.

Do you have a specific question for your needs?

Please feel free to email at elizabeth@beilnutrition.com

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