Group Nourishment Support

Four Sessions



Starting February 13th at 12:30 pm EST for 4 weeks

30 minute meal or snack support group

Maximum 7 participants

Providing group support and accountability

Individual Nourishment Support

Single Support Meal



Continuously accepting new clients

30 minute meal or snack support

Providing accountability at meals and snacks

4 Individual Support Meals



Continuously accepting new clients​

30 minute meal or snack support​

Providing accountability at meals and snacks

EBN Specialities


Eating Disorders

The dietitians role in eating disorders and disordered eating is to help find a nourishment plan which works for you. EBN works with those recently discharged from higher level of care looking for outpatient services.


Intuitive Eating

A non-diet approach to healing your relationship with food and body image. No rules, counting or scales. It’s focus is on your body’s needs with realistic expectations.  


Health at Every Size

HAES approach is to de-emphasis weight loss and the stigma of those in larger bodies. I approach diabetes, CVD, PCOS, etc, with this same approach.

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