Speaking Engagements

Elizabeth Beil Nutrition is your go-to-dietitian for corporate lunch-and-learns, wellness and nutrition conferences, health fairs, and school events. Nutrition topics can include, are not limited to:

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Recent Speaking Engagements

March 14th: Runners Plus| Chats with a Dietitian: Mindful Eating: What is it and how can it be beneficial to my health?

April 28th: Miamisburg Church of Christ Couch to 5k: Weight Loss Misconceptions

May 2nd: West Liberty Girls Track Team: Running and Nutrition

May 15th: 4 Seasons Running Group: Nutrition and Training

June 13th: Runners Plus |Chats with a Dietitian | Picnk: Homemade Bars

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June 23rd: Meet and Greet | Training, Nutrition & Confidence- Marysville, Ohio

June 26th: Maple Tree Cancer Alliance | Nutrition and Cancer

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September 14th: Orangetheory Nutrition Basics

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September 26th: Runners Plus |Chats with a Dietitian | Running + Nutrition

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

November 14th: Chats with a Dietitian