“I had such a wonderful experience with Elizabeth! Having a session with her has really changed my relationship with food. I have tried so many restrictive diets in the past and none of them have ever worked. I always felt sluggish and had a very black and white view on food. Sugar versus no sugar, good carb versus bad carbs, etc. I would always feel so bad after indulging in things I considered bad.

But with Elizabeth’s guidance, she has really shown me how to give myself grace for the things I enjoy eating. opening myself up to all foods and not being so restrictive has been a very freeing experience. I have Elizabeth to thank for that! I’ve learned how to enjoy foods without guilt. I’ve also implemented the plate method which has helped me find a good ratio of different food groups when I’m making meals. Although I’m not perfect, I am far better off now than I was before! Thank you, thank you for all your help Elizabeth! ❤️- Hannah

“Elizabeth was my favorite dietitian. She is non-judgemental and she listens. Sadly, that’s rare.” – Nikki


“Elizabeth is empowering in such a positive way; reading her posts and tips is fun! I don’t believe I know any other dietitian as encouraging as her!” – Christy


“She genuinely cares about her clients!” – Lois


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