I’ll Pass on the Guilt and Shame

Have you ever felt guilt and/or shame after eating something? What is the cycle that then happens? Step 1. Make sure that the next day you are “perfect with eating” Step 2. Make sure you exercise off what you had Step 3. Try and not have that food again.

This cycle is not a great a cycle to be in. This is a damaging cycle for our bodies and our emotional well being. So how do we stop this cycle and pass on the guilt and shame?

So to stop this cycle it is a multiple step process!

Step 1: Stop with labeling the food as good and bad, healthy and not-healthy. Food is food. It is neither good nor bad, I understand that diet culture will label it differently, but truly food is neither bad nor good. You have permission to eat all the foods without the label.

Step 2: If you CAN take away the label, the guilt and shame will truly just go away. If you can’t take away the label… that is okay! This is all about compassion towards yourself, and the whole process will require a lot of self-compassion.

Step 3: If you have not removed that label (which is okay!) when you have that initial feeling of guilt… that is when the positive internal dialogue has to start! Remind yourself that food does not have that control over you. That you can have whatever food you want without guilt and shame. Remind yourself that you are trying to heal your relationship with these feelings that this process is not a pass or fail process, each experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Another way to approach these feelings is through becoming an intuitive eater! If you are interested, check out the new program here!

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